Camarones al chipotle recipe

Try this recipe for Mexican Independence Day


Ingredients (serves two to four)
500ml chipotle (dried jalapeño) sauce
10 pieces of huarache (fried dough)
60ml white Mexican beverage
5g salt
2g black pepper
70g butter
5g corn oil
1.5kg prawns
150ml chive oil
120g white cheese
350g frisée
20ml lemon juice

1 In a saucepan, heat the oil and butter, then add the shrimp and season with salt and pepper. Cook for three minutes. Add the Mexican beverage to flambé.

2 Add the chipotle sauce and reduce the flame.

3 Fry the huarache until it's golden brown and drain off the excess fat.

4 Place the huarache in the centre of a plate. Mix the frisée with lime juice and salt, before placing on top of the huarache and adding the shrimps around the plate.

5 Pour over the sauce and sprinkle the white cheese over the frisée. Drizzle chive oil around the plate.

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