Chef Supattra Boonsrang

Chef Confidential: We meet Thai Kitchen supremo

Interview, Recipe
Interview, Recipe
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Describe your personality.
Friendly. I’m an innately happy person and love being around people. I’m lucky that my job allows me to share a bit of myself and my culture – I couldn’t ask for any more, really.

Describe your personality in the kitchen.
[Laughs] I’m a very serious person when I’m cooking. My staff often tease me about how my personality changes in the kitchen.

Describe your cooking style.
It’s traditional Thai cooking specific to Esarn, the region where I come from in North-East Thailand.

What was the last meal you cooked for yourself?
Yesterday I made hot pot at home. It’s basically a boiling broth served in a clay pot. Raw ingredients including shrimp, chicken, meat, vegetables and herbs are served on the side, then you place them in the broth until they’re cooked. Just so you know, we make a fantastic hot pot in Thai Kitchen every Saturday!

What was the last meal you had cooked for you?
My mother made me home-style Esarn food in July. It was delicious.

What dish would you be happy to never have to cook again?
I’ve tried making sushi and I’ll be happy never to attempt it again. I’d much rather have someone make it for me!

If you weren’t a chef…
I would be in marketing. Or maybe I’d be a hairdresser…
Thai Kitchen is open daily 7pm-midnight. Park Hyatt Dubai, Deira (04 317 2222)

Supattra’s recipe of the week, in 30 minutes or less

Sea bass in pandan ‘This is a light and healthy recipe, which is extremely flavoursome.’
Ingredients (for two)
500g Sea bass
50g Crispy shallot
50g Garlic
30g Pandan leaf
30g Coriander
30g Coriander paste
30ml Soy sauce
80ml Oyster sauce
50ml Tamarind sauce

1 Chop the garlic, shallots and coriander stems, then clean the fish, scrape the scales, debone, and gut (or ask the fishmonger to do this for you).

2 Marinate the fish with coriander paste, soy sauce, and oyster sauce, sprinkle with chopped coriander stems and leave for five minutes.

3 Cut off the root of the pandan leaf, and clean if necessary. Cut the leaf into thin strips and wrap them around each piece of marinated fish until the fish is completely covered.

4 Wrap the fish in tin foil.

5 Place on a preheated pan and grill for about 10 minutes (check every two minutes by inserting a toothpick – if there is no resistance, the fish is cooked). Unwrap the foil and the leaf, sprinkle with shallot, garlic and coriander, and serve with tamarind sauce.

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