Sam Hatoum at Forty Carrots

Lebanese chef gives us his 29-minute meal

Interview, Recipe
Interview, Recipe
Interview, Recipe
Interview, Recipe
Interview, Recipe
Interview, Recipe

Describe your personality.
I’m a bit of an introvert. I’d describe myself as shy, yet friendly, creative and a good listener.

Describe your personality in the kitchen.
I’m a bit serious – I’m sometimes firm with staff but I’m also very straightforward and respectful, and I try to maintain a friendly environment in the kitchen.

Describe you cooking style.
I cook with passion and try to be innovative. Customer satisfaction is a priority for me – the customers are the judges!

What was the last dish you cooked for yourself?
Salmon fillet with steamed vegetables and lemon butter sauce.

What dish would you be happy to never have to cook again?
I generally don’t have a problem with any dish, but if I had to choose it would be stuffed marrow – cleaning out the marrow is a tedious process.

Italian or French?
I’d say French without a doubt – it’s the first cuisine I mastered.

Describe Dubai’s dining scene in three words.
Luxurious, international, tempting.

If you weren’t a chef, you’d be…
A pilot.
Forty Carrots is open Sun-Wed 10am-10pm; Thu-Sat 10am-midnight. The Dubai Mall (04 350 5441).

Stuffed baby eggplant

‘‘I discovered this particular dish while I was working at the Burj al Arab. Eggplants, also known as aubergines, are very healthy as they have a high vitamin and mineral content and low calorie content. This recipe is similar to the parmigiana eggplant served at Forty Carrots, with tomato sauce, cheese and basil.’

180g Baby eggplant
5g Fresh garlic
25g Fresh coriander
15g Red capsicum
5g Green chilli
15g Pine seeds
30g Walnut
20ml Olive oil
10ml Grape vinegar
1g Cumin powder
Salt and black pepper

1 Clean the top of each eggplant and slice them down one side with a sharp knife.

2 Fry in the wok for approximately eight to 10 minutes until crispy. Remove from the fryer and set aside until they have cooled.

3 Finely chop the garlic, coriander, red capsicum, green chilli and walnut, Place in a bowl, then add the olive oil, vinegar, pine seeds and salt and pepper and mix everything together thoroughly.

4 Stuff the eggplant with the mixture and serve.

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