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Let’s face it – Dubai’s hectic lifestyle isn’t conducive to home cooking. People work hard and play hard, which leaves little time to shop for groceries and head home to cook a square meal. Of course, there are the brave few who make a point of cooking at home, but even they’ll admit that it’s easier to stick to the sure-fire favourites that will sate the appetite and/or keep the family happy rather than risk a dinnertime disaster.

Step forward Karin Sundström, Karin Lofberg and Annette Limd, three Dubai-based Swedish ladies who decided to bring dinnertime back to the kitchen – literally. ‘All three of us are entrepreneurs,’ explains Annette, ‘so when we met [through the Swedish community], we discussed a lot of options, but we found out we all had the same idea – Dinnertime. The [home delivery] concept is huge in Sweden and we thought it would work for Dubai.’

It certainly makes sense for a busy city like ours: a box with recipes and ingredients for four dinners for a family of four is delivered to your doorstep every Sunday. Dinnertime’s delivery service means you can forget about time-consuming trawls around the supermarket, and the ever-changing recipes (there are four new ones every week) mean you can keep things interesting. This isn’t to say that whipping up Dinnertime’s box of treats will be a time-consuming or challenging endeavour – the recipes can all be made in 30 minutes and have been tried and tested by the Dinnertime team. What’s more, the ingredients are tailored precisely to each recipe, meaning you won’t be left with half a cumbersome cabbage once you’re done.

Fussy eaters can be assured that each weekly menu includes four different dishes: one red meat, one chicken, one fish and one vegetarian or pasta. And, as Karin Sundström explains: ‘It’s international, family-friendly fare – not too spicy or too strange. We try to keep it healthy.’

Those of us who have resolved to lead a healthier life in 2012 will be interested to hear that a couple of Dinnertime’s customers have reported back to the ladies with news of weight loss. Was there ever a better incentive to cook at home? We think not.

The ladies admit that their venture has got off to a slow start since it launched in September last year.

‘The problem is that people don’t really understand the concept. Swedish people understand it, yes, but we need to explain it to other people. We’re starting to get customers from other nationalities, such as Dutch and English, but we’re working on a new logo and fliers so we can better promote the concept.’ What’s more, the menus will be tailored to the Dubai dynamic by Spring 2012 – Annette says they get a lot of requests from couples and singletons, a market that they can’t afford to ignore.

Until then, however, orders for happy families (or house-shares) of four can order their meals and recipes by Wednesday at the latest for delivery on Sunday. After that, a healthy, home-cooked meal is only
30 minutes away.
Dhs380 for a box of recipes and ingredients for four people (pay cash on delivery). (055 643 7650, 055 881 6426, 050 735 0220).

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