Expat dining favourites

Meagan Brooks thinks back, licks her lips, and remembers her favourite food in Dubai. The gorgeous Dubai-dweller tells us why she loves to eat at Keva.

The place
Keva, Al Nasr Leisureland 04 334 4159

The diner
Meagan Brooks, 23, works as a personal assistant for the CEO of an advertising agency. She’s from Brighton, in the UK originally, but spent the last three years travelling, and spent time in Australia, Indonesia and Singapore. ‘I didn’t want to go back to the UK, so I ended up here.’ So far, she’s a big fan: ‘I love Dubai, I just absolutely love it: the social life, the people, my job. I’m certainly not going anywhere anytime soon.’

The routine
‘I go two to three times a week. I think it’s a really great place to go for pre-drinks, before heading to Chi. I eat here about once a week. I eat out most nights. I find, being a single person, it works out cheaper to eat out rather than spend so much in the supermarket. And I always make sure to drop in on Tuesdays for Ladies’ Night. It’s one of the best in Dubai. They play really good house music. I encourage all my girls to go there rather than anywhere else.’

The usual
‘There is a very, very nice barman there called Jeff, and he sort of knows what I like in my cocktails. If I say I fancy something sweet today, or something a bit bitter, he’ll put together something special. My favourite cocktail is called midsummer night’s drink. It has cherry brandy in it, which I love in chocolate as well. For food, I usually order the butter chicken, and they have this really amazing chocolate fondant. It’s a cake and when you cut into it, warm chocolate comes oozing out, which is soooo nice.’

Why she comes back
‘It has a really good vibe and good music. It’s close to work and it’s not uptight, which I really appreciate. You can wear your work clothes there, and it has a really nice atmosphere. They remember my name and they’re good to my friends and always make us feel welcome. When you go somewhere as a regular, it’s nice to be remembered.’

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