'Hats off' king prawns recipe

How to make delicious seafood dish


Chef Marcello Mereu at Amwaj
‘I came up with this dish specifically for Amwaj. I like it because it offers a multitude of flavours in each bite: tangy, fruity and meaty all in one. You can buy all of the ingredients in any major supermarket.’

3 king prawns
40g Japanese seaweed salad
20g mini tomatoes
10g olive oil
Salt and black pepper
150g Mango
10g sugar
4g cumin seed
10ml vinegar
2g ginger

1 Cut half of the mango into cubes and blend the other half.

2 When blending the other half of mango, season with the cumin seeds, sugar, vinegar and chopped ginger and olive oil.

3 Mix the blended and chopped mango together and place in the middle of a dish in a rectangle.

4 Grill the king prawns until they are cooked (you can tell when they are since the meat will become white in colour rather than clear).

5 Now place the prawns on top of the mango in a line.

6 Position the pre-bought seaweed salad on top of the prawns.

7 Position cherry tomatoes around the other two prawns (optional).

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