Eat like James Bond

How to eat like James Bond in Dubai. You've joined the gym, bought the suit, and maybe even splashed out on a posh watch. Now try dieting.

Ask a man on the street about James Bond’s passions and he’ll probably say they are women, intrigue andmartinis. But, given creator Ian Fleming’s loving descriptions of 007’s diet, it’s likely that food ranks up there too.

Breakfast of champions

In the book, From Russia With Love we learn that Bond is picky about breakfast: ‘When he was stationed in London it was always the same… The single egg, in the dark blue egg cup with a gold ring round the top, was boiled for three and a third minutes… Then there were two slices of wholewheat toast, a large pat of deep yellow Jersey butter and three squat glass jars containing Tiptree Little Scarlet strawberry jam; Cooper’s Vintage Oxford marmalade and Norwegian Heather Honey from Fortnum’s.’ Those hankering for a 007 breakfast in Dubai can head to Beachcombers at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, which serves assorted Tiptree preserves.

Wagyu want for dinner?
Every two-bit steakhouse may boast wagyu and kobe on its menu these days, but Bond discovered the joys of the now-ubiquitous beef back in 1964 in the novel, You Only Live Twice. Bond travels to Japan, where he encounters the saki-fed bovines, and even tries his hand at massaging one of them. He decides the cut ‘was, indeed, without equal in his experience.’ As price was never a barrier to Bond’s enjoyment of food, we think, were he kicking around in Dubai (and you know he would be), he’d fancy the drama and high-quality of Raffles’ Fire & Ice, which has a show-stopping wagyu beef tenderloin.

A viable doner
Bond samples Istanbul’s famous Doner kebab when visiting the Turkish capital in From Russia With Love. In Dubai, we have our own version of the young, charcoaled lamb (as he described it) at Istanbul Doner (it’s in the name, after all).

Are we still talking about pasta?
In the novel Thunderball Bond finds that after a fortnight spent in a health clinic, he has ‘a passionate longing for a large dish of spaghetti Bolognese containing plenty of chopped garlic and accompanied by a whole bottle of the cheapest, rawest Chianti.’ Who better to fulfil such a request than one of Britain’s rawest chefs: Marco Pierre White, whose Dubai restaurant, Frankie’s, serves up a mean dish of the meaty pasta?

Salmon in the Sultanate
‘I’ve got a mania for really good smoked salmon,’ Bond tells M in Moonraker. We happen to know that the best smoked salmon in Dubai can be found at Caviar House & Prunier. Their unique Balik salmon is their own recipe, and can’t be found anywhere else. The salmon’s strict diet and the restaurant’s top-secret smoking techniques result in the most delicate, smouldering slices of fish you (or Bond) are ever likely to find. We think 007 would approve.

Licensed to quiche
Didn’t know James Bond could cook? In the film, A View To A Kill, Bond (played by Roger Moore) whips up a quiche from leftovers to seduce the American heiress Stacey Sutton. Or maybe he just bought it from a downstairs store and passed it off as his own. If he were to pull that trick in Dubai, we think he’d probably trust Paul to provide the goodies – their quiches are uncannily crumbly.

Oeuf in time
In the novel, Diamonds Are Forever, Bond has a meal alone in New York dining on ‘oeufs Benedict and strawberries’. Our favourite hot spot for oeufs Benedict is More Café, which also serves up a wicked strawberry and balsamic smoothie.

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