McGettigan’s brunch

Good Irish breakfast but can it really classed as a brunch?


What’s on offer?
If you plan to make this perennially popular Irish bar one of your regular haunts, you might be pleased to find they offer brunch – but it’s not quite brunch as we know it. For a less-than-bargain Dhs129, patrons can pick a meal from a limited version of the usual menu, and get three tokens to be exchanged for house drinks. The à la carte brunch menu features a fairly decent variety of Irish favourites, from a full cooked breakfast, seafood chowder and mushrooms on toast to the fail-safe fish and chips. Unfortunately, there’s only one lighter option, the ubiquitous Caesar salad, so leave your diet at the door. Opt for the non-smoking area with reasonably spaced table setups if you’d like to enjoy your meal without being surrounded by the rabble who begin turning up in dribs and drabs from other brunches around town, or simply embrace the mayhem and tuck in at the centre of it all by taking a perch in the main bar. It’s pub grub, so expect as much and you won’t be left feeling disappointed – and given the portion sizes, you certainly won’t be left with any room for more. If you can’t find anything on the menu that tickles your fancy, you won’t be much worse off financially if you just pick your meal from the regular menu and buy your drinks separately.

The venue?
A contemporary take on a traditional Irish pub.

What sort of crowd turn out?
It’s a lively, shouty one that only grows more so as the day wears on.

Room for improvement?
There simply isn’t enough variety on the menu.

Standout dish?
The traditional breakfast really hits the spot.

In one sentence…
It’s an un-brunchy brunch.
Dhs130 (three selected house beverages). Noon-6pm. Bonnington Hotel, Jumeirah Lakes Towers (04 356 0560).

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