Locally inspired eating for UAE National Day

Celebrate the country's 41st birthday with a day of gluttony

A sugary treat from Kitsch Cupcakes
A sugary treat from Kitsch Cupcakes
Sample camel meat at Best Burgers Forever
Sample camel meat at Best Burgers Forever
Spend National Day aboard a floating doughnut
Spend National Day aboard a floating doughnut
Try camelccinos on Dubai’s Kite Beach
Try camelccinos on Dubai’s Kite Beach

The big news this week is the birthday party taking place on Sunday December 2: it’s UAE National Day, marking 41 years since the nation was founded. Anyone else spotted those flag-laden cars driving through Dubai? How will you be spending the holiday? We already have a day of gluttony all figured out.

Following last week’s early appetiser of National Day cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery and Maison Sucre, we’ve continued munching our way through some Emirati-inspired edibles. There are plenty more where those themed cakes came from, but we don’t want to peak too soon, so we’re saving the treats we’ve found at Kitsch Cupcakes (available now, for Dhs14 each) until the day itself.

In the meantime, we’re getting ready for some patriotic eating with burgers made with camel-meat patties: try them at Best Burgers Forever in Dubai Marina, and Local House in Bastakiya. That’s in preparation for a feast of camel on December 2 at KGrill’s National Day buffet brunch, which includes a station entirely dedicated to barbecued camel meat.

That’s not the only National Day-inspired barbecue this week. Boardwalk restaurant at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club is offering cook-your-own barbecues aboard its donut-shaped boats. The National Day package, available until Saturday December 22, features a locally inspired menu including classic mezze, salads, lamb burgers on a zaatar bun(ideal for anyone sick of camel), shish taouk and more.

Happy and satisfied, we’ll unwind with a cup of coffee while we digest that lot. We’ll take it white this week, with a touch of camel milk in our cappuccino from the beachside coffee van at Kite Beach – the only coffee van in Dubai, as far as we know. Let us know if you’ve spotted another.

After a swim in the sea, we’re sure to be feeling hungry again, so we’ll crack open another box of patriotic National Day cakes, this time from London brand Hummingbird Bakery. Moving on to the cheese course, we may even squeeze in some Italian cheese from Carrefour at Mall of the Emirates, made by Italian Dairy Products, but using local (non-camel) milk from Al Ain. Head back to Carrefour’s dairy counter next week to see the Italian cheesemakers in action as they perform a mozzarella-making demo on Friday December 7 at 4pm.

Never satisfied, we’ll then head back to Jumeirah, where we’ll visit Barakat Café for a scoop or two of chocolate-flavoured camel-milk ice cream to round off the day.

After that, we’ll need to hit the gym in preparation for a month of Christmas-themed eating, starting with the three-day Taste of Christmas al-fresco market in Media City, which begins on Thursday December 6. There’s always something edible to celebrate in Dubai… Until next week, bon appétit!

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