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Celebrity chefs, sweet cravings and Parisian style


We reveal the restaurant news from celebrity chefs, satisfy sweet cravings in Parisian style, and drink coffee at tea.

Following on from Japanese legend Nobu, May sparks another spate of visits from celebrity chefs.

This week, Dubai welcomes, Indian cooking star Vineet Bhatia of Indego by Vineet. Chef Vineet will be in the city to cast a watchful eye over the kitchen of his restaurant.

British celebrity Marco Pierre White also graced Dubai with his presence recently. MPW was in town to announce changes to his restaurant brand, which will now all operate under the management of RMAL Hospitality. (outside of the UK and Ireland). With the exception, that is, of Titanic, whose fate still hangs in the balance. At the last count, it appears no one considered themselves qualified to comment on what will become of the restaurant, including chef Marco himself.

MPW has previously been criticised for the level of involvement given to restaurants bearing his illustrious name, once they have opened their doors. We wonder how the partnership with RMAL Hospitality will effect this issue in the future. Looking ahead, plans have been announced for expansion of MPW’s restaurant brand both within the Middle East and further afield. Closer to home, Dubai will welcome yet another eatery, Marco Pierre White Grill, currently due to open at the Conrad hotel after the summer.

From the antics of an infamous British chef, this week we’re also looking forward to some distinctly Parisian sweets. For a limited period, Candlelite have begun stocking chocolates created by Maxim’s. Connected to the world famous Maxim’s restaurant in Paris, the equally iconic confectionary brand has been creating chocolate treats for well over a century. Decorated in the fashion of the day, Maxim’s has kept the original Art Nouveau designs on its packaging, which have since become the trademark of these cute chocolate boxes. Items available in the collection at Candlelite include the ‘red egg’ (chocolate praline balls, covered with layers of exceptionally thin pastry, dubbed a ‘feuillantine’ praline) and the ‘white egg’ made with white chocolate and almond nougat.

For French sweets with an Asian inspired twist, head to TWG Tea Salon and Boutique. They have launched two new macaroon flavours. The matcha macaroon is made with finely powdered Japanese gyokuro green tea. The vanilla Bourbon tea and kaya macaroon takes its inspiration from the Singaporean coconut jam, by combining coconut with pandan leaf and white chocolate.

Finally, we leave you with news that coffee fans are due to be spoilt at the Raffles Dubai afternoon tea on Saturday May 25. For one afternoon only, the fashion tea will team up with local roastery Coffee Planet for a tasting of premium single origin coffees from Sumatra, Kenya, Ethiopia and Costa Rica.

Until next week, bon appétit!

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