How do chefs stay so skinny?

We ask three hot Dubai chefs how they keep trim

George Calombaris
Is it difficult for chefs to stay healthy and not gain weight?

You’re on your feet all day and all night, and you’re constantly moving.

How do you look after your waistline?
Be very conscientious about the way you eat, when you eat and what you eat. Lots of water and tea between meals. If it is a big tasting day on Masterchef Australia, I won’t have lunch. I’ve also re-evaluated how we eat in the restaurant kitchen, so we’ll have a ‘pasta-up’ at 11.30am, something high carb to keep us going, and then at night, some meat or fish and salad.

Genny Lorenz
American, Chef de Cuisine, Marco Pierre White Grill
Is it difficult for chefs to stay healthy?
We work around 80 hours a week with high pressure and stress and no proper meal periods because during that time as we are in the kitchen cooking for other people.

How do you watch your health waistline?
I eat small portions frequently and it seems to work. I love making juices: carrot, green apple, beetroot and ginger. I have reservations about eating out too often because of additives such as MSG that always get sneaked in there.

Maurice Fitzgerald

Irish, Executive Chef, Jumeirah Beach Hotel
Is it difficult for chefs to stay healthy and not gain weight?
Very much so, you need to find a balance with the food you consume and time to work out.

How do you look after your waistline?
I eat smaller portions throughout the day as we have a lot of tastings for new menus for the restaurants. I try to get to the gym three to four times a week to stay trim. Over the past few years, I have reduced the amount of courses
I eat when I go out to dinner – from three courses, to two.

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