Signature dishes: Armani/Ristorante

Fine Italian dining combining exquisite ingredients, a passion for food and spectacular presentation


The essence of Italy is brought to life at Armani/Ristorante where a natural passion for the finest ingredients, exquisite flavour combinations and contemporary presentation come together in an exclusive environment that excites the palate and leaves lovers of gourmet dining wanting more. A signature tasting experience for all the senses, Italian culinary excellence is paired with uniquely personalised service, taking diners on a memorable journey from a classic beverage to the subtle nuances of the degustation-style menu and expert recommendations from the restaurant’s own sommelier.

The Chef
Alessandro Salvatico

Alessandro Salvatico is the speciality head chef of Armani/Ristorante, the signature Italian restaurant of Armani Hotel Dubai. A member of the hotel’s pre-opening team, he was fundamentally involved in planning and setting up the concept of Armani/Ristorante. Alessandro brings along over ten years of culinary experience to Armani/Ristorante, which enables him to create a signature Italian dining experience in the heart of Downtown Dubai. Holding a diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management from IPSSAR College in Italy, he also has extensive worldwide experience and has worked with renowned Michelin-star chefs. These rich experiences have enabled Alessandro to become one of the youngest and most creative Italian chefs around. He has a great talent of combining typical home-style Italian flavours with modern presentation.

The details
Open daily 7pm-11.30pm. Lobby, Armani Hotel Dubai,, (04 888 3444).

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Angus beef tartare, Parmesan fondue and truffle recipe

Vialone Nano lemon and thyme-seared langoustines recipe

Roasted scallop, celeriac sauce and girolle mushrooms and truffle recipe

Singature dishes

Angus beef tartare, Parmesan fondue and truffle

Chef's inspiration
This starter is one of the classic dishes of Armani/Ristorante and includes all the best ingredients that perfectly match the truffle flavour.


400g Angus beef
40g truffle (black or white)
500g whipping cream
250g Parmesan cheese
5g chives
10g capers
1 lemon

• Bring cream to the boil in a casserole dish, add grated Parmesan and whisk until melted. Pass through a strainer and season with salt and pepper.

• Chop meat finely and put into a mixing bowl.

• Season with salt, pepper, olive oil, chopped chives, chopped capers and a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

• Put Parmesan fondue into a pasta bowl, place beef tartare on top and shave truffle on top.

Vialone Nano lemon and thyme-seared langoustines recipe

Roasted scallop, celeriac sauce and girolle mushrooms and truffle recipe

Vialone Nano lemon and thyme-seared langoustines

Chef's inspiration
This dish has been inspired by the balanced combination of ingredients. It combines the creamy texture of risotto with the freshness and the acidity of the lemon, along with the refined sweetness of the scampi. Gold and caviar to complete the dish are a nice homage to Dubai, the city of gold.

400g rice
800g langoustine
10g rosemary
5g garlic
50g butter
50g Parmesan cheese
50ml olive oil
10g thyme
200g celery
200g carrot
100g onion
3 lemons
1 lime
20g mixed cress
20g caviar
2 gold leaves (optional)

• Make vegetable stock with carrots, onion and celery and set aside.

• Clean out the langoustine from the shell and remove any sand.

• Put some olive oil in a casserole dish and roast the rice. Add vegetable stock and keep stirring.

• Add more vegetable stock as needed. When the risotto is five minutes from being cooked add the thyme and some lemon juice.

• Meanwhile, heat a non-stick pan and add olive oil, rosemary, garlic and the langoustine. Roast until golden and set aside.

• Remove the risotto from the direct flame and add butter, Parmesan cheese, grated lemon zest and olive oil. Then season to taste and add lemon juice if needed.

• Place risotto in the centre of a dish and place seared langoustine on top, then complete the garnish with a spoonful of caviar, some herbs and gold leaves.

Angus beef tartare, Parmesan fondue and truffle recipe

Roasted scallop, celeriac sauce and girolle mushrooms and truffle recipe

Main course
Roasted scallop, celeriac sauce and girolle mushrooms and truffle

Chef's inspiration
This dish is inspired by a combination of seafood, truffles and mushrooms. To find the balance of this dish we had to respect each ingredient and simplify the recipe.

16 fresh scallops
500ml milk
300g celeriac
500g girolle mushrooms
10g rosemary
10ml olive oil
10g shallots
30g fresh truffle


• Remove scallops from shell and place in a tray.

• Peel shallots and slice thinly, place in a casserole dish with butter and then braise gently.

• Add milk, ensuring the celeriac is covered by the milk, and then cook on a low heat/slow fire.

• Wash mushrooms and dry on tissue paper.

• Reheat a non-stick pan, and add the olive oil, garlic, rosemary and mushrooms. Roast these until they turn a golden colour.

• Blend celeriac and strain it using a fine sieve. Add salt and pepper if necessary for taste.

• Use a non-stick pan to sear the scallops on both sides.

• Place cream on the bottom of a plate, add scallop and mushrooms, and complete with truffle shavings.

Angus beef tartare, Parmesan fondue and truffle recipe

Vialone Nano lemon and thyme-seared langoustines recipe

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