Coffee roasters spill the beans

Dubai's top coffee bods tell us what we're drinking wrong

Orit Mohammed, Operations Manager at BOON Coffee
Where do you drink coffee in Dubai?

La Serre Bistro and & Boulangerie. They use my coffee, roasted by BOON in Dubai, but this is not the only reason; their barista is well-trained and they only use freshly roasted coffee, no older than a week. At Jones the Grocer, although it is an old roast (so it loses some of its freshness and taste), they use high quality single-origin coffee so you can still taste the flavours of the coffee.

Any beef with coffee in Dubai?
Dubai uses a lot of over-roasted coffee to cover up really bad quality beans. I taste nothing but charcoal in a lot of different coffee shops in Dubai. Most of the coffee is over several months, if not years old.

Have you tried anything new in Dubai?
I have tried Arabic coffee with cardamom since I came to Dubai. I’m not a big fan of flavoured coffee, but since it is a very light roast, the cardamom balances the acidity of the qahwa.

Matt Wade, Roast Master at Coffee Planet
Where do you drink coffee in Dubai?

Roseleaf Café in the Dubai Garden centre. The coffee is roasted by Coffee Planet but the guys at the Roseleaf understand the importance of getting everything just right to pour the perfect shot – so they invest in the proper equipment and training.

Any beef with coffee in Dubai?
The civet cat poo coffee (Kopi Luwak) – it tastes bad, it’s a stupid idea, it’s a waste of money, and it’s completely unethical.

Have you ever tried anything new in Dubai?
The tradition of coffee in the Middle East is very interesting and brewing and roasting methods differ from town to town.

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