How to make your own super-juice

Beat sugary supermarket drinks and join the DIY juicing craze

DIY juicing saw a meteoric rise in 2013. Not the super-sugary kind in the supermarkets, but the green, sludgy, healthy variety. Want in on the action? Time Out reports on the drinks to try and the top kit to buy.

Promises of nutrient-boosting, calorie-saving juices have taken the world by storm, but you don’t have to be a slave to seeking out the best varieties in the supermarkets. You can fashion your very own bespoke variety of pulp and pith without leaving the house by buying a juicer and doing it yourself. There are certainly many things to consider when purchasing a juicer though. First up: you need to decide how committed you are to the cause. If you are just starting out, it’s wise to begin small and simple.

Secondly, there are two kinds of juicers; the centrifugal juicer, where fruit and vegetables are pulverised using a metal blade and the cold press juicer, which presses fruit and veg to extract the juice without using heat. On average, the cold press juicers are significantly more expensive but they yield around 35 per cent more juice than centrifugal types. The standard, cheaper versions are centrifugal and the good news is these types are perfectly decent for an amateur juicer.

Begin with mixed fruit and vegetables, but gradually move away from using too much fruit as it is high in sugar. In excessive consumption, this can lead to diabetes.

Anita Apel, a nutritionist from Organic Foods & Café says: ‘I recommend a maximum of one to two juices per day. Juices are convenient to cover a high percentage of the daily recommended amounts of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fibre and water, but it’s important to chew vegetables and fruit because the act of chewing sends signals to the stomach to produce liquid to clean your food. It also creates enzymes which help breakdown food, aiding digestion.’

Where to get your produce
Many struggle to find decent produce in the UAE and organic is always better; it’s healthier, great for the environment as the produce is grown locally, and it doesn’t require quite as much of a wash as regular produce, either. The Organic Foods and Café offers weekly deliveries of fresh organic fruit and vegetables that are great for juicing. You can select a fruit box, a vegetable box, a combination box or one full of leafy greens.
From Dhs130.

How to juice

• Root vegetables tend to have fewer nutrients than other vegetables, so opt for green or colourful veg instead.

• Begin with vegetables you enjoy the flavours of, and build up to more unusual ingredients.

• It’s best not to go overboard with fruit as it is quite high in sugar.

• Use vegetables as a base for the juice and only add a piece of fruit for flavour; alternatively, mint and ginger can be used to spice up a vegetable juice.

• It’s usually best to leave the skin on, as this is where most of the nutrients are – but remove it for bananas, kiwis and any fruit with hard skin.

• Line your juicer’s bin with a plastic bag or liner to ensure easy removal of the discarded pulp after you are finished.

Three good juicers

High-end: Omega Juicer Heavy Nutrition Center (J8226)
This mother of all products is a dual-cycle masticating juicer, which means the food is juiced twice and the pulp stays in. It’s also a food processor with various multi-functions including a grinder and pasta extruder, to make home-made pasta. For an exclusive Time Out deal, quote the code TIMEOUT DETOX for a free fruit/vegetable box worth Dhs130 when you buy any juicer from Organic Foods and Café online.

Mid-range: Kenwood JE850 juicer
For those who want to up their juicing game but don’t fancy spending thousands, try this Kenwood juicer. Its 1,500 watts will turn your fruit to a pulp.
Dhs899. Emax, locations citywide, including Mall of the Emirates, (800 3629).

For beginners: Bosch MES3000
For entry-level juicers, try this Bosch device. It’s effective but suitable for those on a budget and a great way to begin a life of juicing.
Dhs399. Sharaf DG, locations citywide, including The Dubai Mall, (800 344 357).

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