Breakfast shawarma recipe

An early morning twist on the regional classic


Breakfast Shawarma
(Serves 5)

Shawarma Stack:
300g Chicken Breast
3g Thyme
2g Cumin Powder
3g Smoked Paprika
5g Garlic (Crushed)
50ml Olive Oil
150g Beef Bacon
5Pcs. Whole eggs (Fried)
100g Tomatoes (Deseeded and Sliced in Strips)
200g Mesclun Lettuce
5 Pcs. Arabic Bread/ Pita Bread
100g Mixed Arabic Pickles
50ml Olive Oil
Black Pepper

Breakfast Brown Sauce:

100g Tomato Ketchup
50ml HP Sauce
20g Sambal Olek
200ml Mayonnaise
5g Garlic (Crushed)

1) Shawarma Stack: Marinate the chicken breast with the spices together with the olive oil overnight. Gently stack them up on a Shawarma pole alternating beef bacon and the chicken. Cook in the Shawarma machine and carve the meat as needed. If Shawarma machine is not available an alternative could be pan searing the chicken and the beef bacon then slicing them in strips ready for the Shawarma wrap.

2) For the egg, pan fry the eggs until well done and slice them into strips. Set aside for later use.

3) Breakfast Brown Sauce: In a bowl, mix all the ingredients vigorously and season to taste. Set aside for later use.

4) Assemble the Shawarma by placing the pita bread, add a bed of lettuce, then add in the sliced tomatoes and egg strips, add in the bacon and chicken; and finally finish it off with the breakfast brown sauce. Roll the wrap tightly and place it on a hot skillet or pan to give it a crisp hot finish. Serve immediately.

Recipe courtesy of Breakslow from Fairmont The Palm. Catch the restaurant’s pop-up restaurant at Taste of Dubai Thursday March 13-Saturday 15.

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