How to make your own har gow dumpling

Chef Fu de Jun shows us how to make China’s most popular dim sum dish


Dim sum – the Chinese weekend dining pastime, mixing small dumplings and dishes with tea and laidback feel.
Har gow – a shrimp dumping which is the most classic and recognisable of dim sum dishes.
Below – how to make your own har gow, courtesy of top restaurant The China Club’s chef Fu de Jun

20gm Water chestnut minced
20gm Bamboo shoot
100gm Shrimp meat
25gm Corn starch
3gm Salt
1gm White pepper powder
100gm Refined starch
3gm Sesame oil
25gm Sugar white

1. Marinate shrimp with cornstarch and 20gms of sugar then keep inside the chiller for than 30 minutes.

2. Wash it under cold running water and then rinse.

3. Chopped the bamboo shoot and parboil in boiling water and then rinse.

4. Mince the water chestnuts.

5. To prepare the filling- mix shrimps, bamboo shoot and chestnuts with all seasoning.

6. Mix the refine starch with boiling water and little ordinary starch.

7. Make a circle shape wrapper (diameter 4.5cm).

8. Wrap the filling and arrange in a bamboo basket.

9. Steamed for seven minutes and then serve hot.

Recipe courtesy of The China Club, Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek. The restaurant will host a pop-up venue at Taste of Dubai, March 13-15.

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