What your coffee says about you

Strong and straightforward or frothy around the edges?

Hardcore or frothy round the edges? Geda analyses his customers.

The Americano coffee was invented during the Second World War when American soldiers would dilute an espresso shot with water as it was too strong. It can be an Americano (with water) or an American red-eye, where filter coffee is mixed with espresso instead of water.
What it says about you: You would like to be tough, but you can’t hack the espresso flavour – you like to savour your drink, not down it.

It’s half froth and a delicate blend of milk and coffee – 50 percent of the cup should be foam.
What it says about you: You aren’t worried about getting to the bottom of things, you are a little airy and like to take your time.

Short, sharp and heavy-hitting. This is a dose of intense flavour and caffeine that packs a punch.
What it says about you: Simple and to the point. You’re direct and just don’t have time to procrastinate.

With a milk base, the latte is a milky coffee that has a large (not as large as cappuccino) layer of foam on top of it.
What is says about you: You’re a wild card that is very popular but also a little bit weird. Maybe that’s why everybody loves you.

Literally meaning ‘stained’, this is an espresso shot with a dollop of froth in it. It’s strong and hearty and served in an espresso cup.
What is says about you: You want to be fast-paced, but appreciate the simpler things in life, too.

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