The skinny on frozen treats

Know your gelato from frozen yogurt?

Confused as to what the difference actually is between each of the manifold frozen desserts out there? Here’s our guide

Ice cream
Traditionally made from fresh, full fat cream, often turned into a custard mixture as the starting point and churned. According to Fortnum & Mason, English ice-cream is another delicacy entirely, since the cream in this traditional recipe is churned more to give it a thicker, creamier consistency.

Italy’s own version of ice-cream classically contains less fat, since it uses milk (instead of cream) and fewer egg yolks. The mixture is churned more slowly than ice-cream, and therefore does not increase as much in volume, which means the consistency of gelato tends to be less airy. As a result, gelato has to be served at a slightly warmer temperature than ice-cream.

Frozen yoghurt
This is, quite unsurprisingly, made with yoghurt. Typically, frozen yoghurt contains less fat than ice-cream, although additional milk fat is often added to the mixture in commercial production. It often has a slightly sharper edge to its flavour.

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