How to host your own suhoor

Get creative at home with late night social dining

Get creative at home with tips from Katie Harvey, managing partner of events experts
‘The Holy Month is a great time to entertain at home with friends and family, and an opportunity to try different cuisines from around the world. The international flavour of the World Cup is still in the air this week, so why not explore some different dishes at your DIY suhoor? We like to go for themes that encourage sharing and interaction among guests – always a recipe for success.

Raclette and Fondue

These Swiss creations (some argue French or Austrian) are the epitome of dinner party sharing. Once popular in the 1970s and 1980s, they are making quite the comeback with outlets such as Gallerie Layette regularly running out of pots, grills and accessories. Think cheese and lots of it, coupled with cold cuts and pickles. Turn up the AC and you’ll think you’re in the Alps.

Not a particularly nuevo concept, however sushi is still a favourite. For a superb sushi suhoor, do it with a twist and let your guests roll some of their own. We advise doing this with the vegetarian rolls and leaving the fish options to the professionals. Chopsticks are a must and sitting on the floor will add a little bit of authenticity.

International Tapas
The influx of Spanish-style restaurants to the city highlights the popularity of the sharing concept. Host a suhoor where each guest brings two or three small dishes from their home country. Given the multicultural nature of the UAE, your dinner table will be an edible journey around the world – and your cooking time will be reduced too.’

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