Why you should consider a liquid lunch

Kickstart your healthy eating plan with these shakes and juices


Need a little extra something to kick-start your healthy eating plan? Help is at hand, and it comes in liquid form. Try these alternatives to heavy meals.


Essentially: For sustenance and nourishment

Essentially Juices offer several different packages to suit each client. The juices, freshly juiced in the UAE, are delivered to your door. Each drink is comprised of a huge quantity of fresh, organic produce – approximately 1.5kg of natural ingredients go into each 473mL bottle. The juices are carefully planned, and contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals designed to nourish the body.

Essentially offer both supplementary packages and detoxification packages, so that customers have a choice of either adding the juices to a healthy diet to boost their vitamin and mineral intake, or replacing foods with the juices for a prescribed amount of time to lower the levels of toxins and unhealthy produce they consume as part of their regular diet.

Wiebke says the juices are not a radical diet, rather a holistic approach to health. She says, ‘You can achieve great skin, hair and nails through the benefits of pure natural and cold pressed juices without a doubt. The cleanse program will help you to shed weight.’

The overarching message from Essentially is that their juices increase energy levels, boost metabolism and provide the body with sustenance. The juices are freshly made in the UAE and then shipped direct to the client’s door.

Options of Essentially Juices packages are individually named, including the Skinny Jeans, Green Addict and Protein Power packages. Each is designed with a different end result in mind to help clients focus on their own personal goals.
From Dhs199 for a four pack of juices. www.essentially.ae

Green coffee

Coffee Kix: For a small daily change

Green coffee cotains chologenic acid, which is a natural substance found in unroasted coffee beans. The acid helps the body reduce the effect of eating high-calorie foods by burning glucose, sugar and fat as well as slowing the release of sugars into the blood stream. As a carbohydrate, when sugar is consumed but not immediately converted into energy the body converts the sugar into fat.

Having been featured on popular US talk show, Dr Oz, incorporating green coffee into your diet has become increasingly popular. General weight-loss from adopting green coffee as a diet aid is estimated at around a ten per cent loss in a few weeks (when ingested alongside a healthy to regular nutrition programme).

The Coffee Kix Slimming Green Coffee is sold as achets that are recommended to be ingested without any additional produce being added – just put one or two sachets in boiling water. It is also recommended that those wanting to drink green coffee on a regular basis also drink at least two litres of water per day in addition the green coffee to aid bodily function.

The chologenic acid, found in green coffee, is not found in roasted coffee beans as it is broken down during the roasting process.
Available at Boots Pharmacy, various locations including Al Wahda Mall, www.me.boots.com (02 443 7167).

Nutridiet: For a quick fix

At just 110 calories per serving, the Nutridiet shakes are protein meal-replacements designed for weight-loss. The shakes contain 13 vitamins and 14 minerals, as they are designed to replace all the goodness you should receive from a balanced diet. The recommended five shakes per day makes the daily caloric intake of a Nutridiet plan a meager 550 calories (the calorie intake recommended for weight-loss is generally between 1500 and 1800).

The shakes, available online, are made by Scandinavian company Swedish Health and are low in lactose. The shakes are based on a high-quality soy protein, and are available in three flavours.

CEO of Nutridiet, Peter Ekstedt, says, ‘There is a real need for a clinically sound solution to obesity issues in the world’s fifth most obese nation. The meal replacement concept is still new to this market, and Nutridiet is the first thoroughly clinically tested product of its kind to enter the UAE marketplace, so is ideally placed to benefit overweight individuals and thus help tackle rising obesity rates in a safe and effective way.’

Nutridiet nutritionists recommend clients suffering cravings while using Nutridiet shakes sustain themselves with healthy snacks such as carrot and cucumber sticks.
105 sachets (three week) weight loss programme from Dhs750. www.nutridiet.ae

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