Handling hammour

We find out how to cook with our favourite fish so put away those fish fingers, ditch the fastfood, and take note

How to buy it:
Picking out a fresh fish is a lot like picking out a fresh fruit; to know what you’re getting, you have to feel it. According to Max Grenard, who is the executive chef at Legends Steakhouse at the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, you’ll have to give the fish a gentle squeeze.

‘It should be firm to the touch, and springy when you press it’, he says. Also, check to make sure the gills are red, not grey, and the eyes are bright, not sunken. Hold the hammour to your nose and take a whiff. ‘It should have a pleasant, salty smell, not a fishy smell’, advises Grenard.

Where to get it:
‘The best place to buy local fish is from the Fish Market in Deira’, says Grenard. ‘They have everything you need and more. It’s all freshly caught and the price is right as well.’

How to cook it:
‘Fillet the fish and marinate it over night with olive oil, garlic and lemon. Next, cook it in a pan with some olive oil and butter for six to seven minutes each side. If you like, you can then toast it in black lemon powder.’

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