Dubai’s Bushman’s roast lamb diner recipe

Bushman’s roast lamb diner recipe

Chef Michael Muir of Australian venue Bushman’s Restaurant & Bar shares his recipe for a roast lamb dinner, on the Barbie.

Boned leg of lamb, approx 1.5 kg
Rosemary, 5 sprigs
Oregano, 3 sprigs
Thyme, 3 sprigs
Lemon, sliced
Garlic cloves
Dijon mustard
Sea salt flakes
Cracked black pepper
Olive oil

1. Chop all the herbs and put together in a mixing bowl. Mix with sea salt and black pepper. Heat your barbecue to 200°C.

2. Score the lamb fat at 2cm intervals and rub with Dijon mustard, olive oil and then the herbs.

3. Take your roasting foil tray and scatter rosemary, sliced lemon and whole garlic cloves in the centre of the tray, place the lamb on this, then fill the baking tray with about 1cm of water.

4. Place the Lamb on the heat, let it cook for 20 minutes to get colour then cover with foil for the last 20 minutes.

5. If you like your lamb a little more cooked, you can leave it on the heat, but put a little more water in the tray.

6. After you take the meat off the barbecue, let it rest, remove the foil and wait for 15 minutes before carving.

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