50 meals for Dhs50!

Modest meals and bargain bites are a good way to make savings on your budget. <em>Time Out</em> selects 50 Dubai restaurants where you can eat for less than Dhs50

There's a recession on, in case you hadn't realised, so it's time to save some cash and eat cheap.

Luckily, Time Out is here to help. We've found 50 places to dine out for Dhs50 and under in Dubai, so there's no need to stay home cursing the credit crunch.

Here are our 50 cheapest places in Dubai for a quick bite. Get munching...

41 Remo Café: Remo’s rooftop terrace is one of Dubai’s best-kept secrets, offering comfy seating in an Arabian style. The real draw, though, is the postcard-perfect view of the Burj Al Arab and Madinat Jumeirah. Wile away the afternoon in peace and solitude while sipping sodas, smoothies or coffee and munching on pastries, crisp salads and sandwiches served on the signature bread. The food selection is small, but well formed. Try the tomato, roasted veggie and pesto quiche or the salmon sandwich. Then treat yourself to an ice-cream sundae. All in all a lovely venue, which serves pleasant if unremarkable fare.

42 Sanjay: Sanjay offers great Punjabi food at very low prices. The kadai paneer, with chunks of cottage cheese in a chilli-laced bell pepper and tomato curry, is usurped only by the kadai murg patiala – tender chunks of chicken, onion and tomato in a ragingly zesty sauce. The dahls, makhani and tadka are smooth and subtly spiced, the naan bread is fresh, hot and free, and the rice is spot on too. It’s a clean, comfortable and friendly Punjabi café at which you can eat to your heart’s content for around Dhs20 a head.

43 Saravana Bhavan: The dahls, makhani and tadka are smooth and subtly spiced, the naan bread is fresh, hot and free, and the rice is spot on too. It’s a clean, comfortable and friendly Punjabi café at which you can eat to your heart’s content for around Dhs20 a head. Order yourself some bargain bhajis and one of the filling and delicious dosas from the amiable waiter, and wash them down with fresh juices. The paneer butter masala is perfect, and really frugal types can’t go wrong with the unlimited thali – you can stuff yourself with roti, dahl, rice and sambar for a piffling Dhs10.

44 Sidra: Sit outside on the terrace of this busy restaurant and watch the street theatre as you tuck into fluffy, freshly baked Lebanese bread, succulent kebabs and fresh mezze, all on display behind a counter at the front of the restaurant. Hummus Beiruti is blended with onions, garlic and lots of fresh parsley, while the fattoush goes light on the oil and heavy on the crisp greens, herbs and crunchy pitta bread. A zaatar salad sings with earthy rhyme and chopped black and green olives.

45 Silver Eagle Restaurant: Every dish, no matter how disarmingly simple, has a vibrancy at Silver Eagle. A plate of bihon guisada gives the impression that it would be a meek, run-of-the-mill, noodle-house staple, but was in fact a feisty amalgam of buttery, pepper-speckled glass noodles, bright green snow peas, shrimps and lime juice. The usually ubiquitous vegetable spring rolls hid a comforting interior of cabbage and potato, and paired fantastically with an accompanying jalapeño-vinegar condiment. Coquettishly crisp, they had such an effect on us that we nearly came to blows for the last morsel.

46 Special Ostadi: The restaurant – an Iranian dig that has been run by the same family since 1978 – offers meat, meat, and more meat. Carnivores are in luck, as the grill options are inevitably juicy nuggets, often infused with saffron, or marinated in yoghurt. In spite of its meaty focus, Special Ostadi is not a total exercise in animal flesh, as each platter comes with warm Arabic bread, a yoghurt mixture with tarragon, mint and cucumber, and a tray of assorted vegetables, all of which are sure to lend your meal a certain balance.

47 Sukh Sagar: With a menu that takes you on a journey through the fields of Punjab in the north of India to more southern specialities, narrowing your order down to one dish at Bur Dubai’s Sukh Sagar is a challenge. Wander in on any night of the week and all of the Indian vegetarian restaurant’s eight benches will be hungrily eyed up by the huge queues of families patiently waiting for their regular tables. If it’s your first visit, order the tandoori platter and sample thick cubes of paneer held together with grilled tomato and onion, comforting patties made of potato, cheese, spinach and peas – served at just the right temperature and excellent with or without the coriander and mint side sauces.

48 Talent: The name is hardly an exercise in modesty, but Talent is a humble little no-frills eaterie that offers southern Indian and Chinese specialities to many a budget diner. Proudly proclaiming its ‘30 years of experience’, this restaurant serves traditional favourites like palak chicken and mutton biryani alongside all manner of noodle dishes and Chinese soups. Go for the Talent chicken special – hunks of tender meat on the bone and sweet pineapple in a fruity sauce – and a tangy aloo gobi, and see if you can pocket the change from a Dhs20 note without bragging to your mates.

49 Tagpuan: Karama and Satwa have been labeled the “Little Manila” of Dubai because of the number of Filipino residents and restaurants. Few outlets deserve the name more than Tagpuan in Karama. Call in at any time and you’re likely to see homesick Pinoys tucking into platefuls of bulalo, pinakbet and apritada.

50 Yahala Restaurant: With moreish mezze at rock-bottom prices, you can’t really gripe about Yahala’s outlook on life. Beaming waiters, happy customers and mountains of delicious Lebanese tucker all conspire to make eating here a straightforward and enjoyable experience. Yahala do hummus loaded with hunks of mutton while the mixed grill satisfies the most ardent meat-eater, with its brace of lamb kebabs, a subtle shish taouk, a choice chop and delightful arayes (bread stuffed with mince and tomatoes). The Yahala special, meanwhile, is a one-stop salad spread containing everything from fattoush to baba ganoush.

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