5 minutes with... Eat Greek's chef in Dubai

Get to know the Sous Chef, Vlassia Anagnostou, at Eat Greek Dubai

Name: Vlassia Anagnostou
Job title: Sous Chef at Eat Greek
Age: 31

1) How long have you lived in Dubai?
I came to Dubai October 24 2013. Now I am running my second year and I can’t believe how quickly the time passes.

2) Where do you like to hang out in Dubai when you’re not at work?

My house is the best place for me! There I have everything but mostly a great time…

3) What’s your top tip for visitors to Dubai?

My only advice is that they should choose the correct period to come over. In my opinion, the best period is between November and May. During the summer months the heat and humidity reach very high levels. Dubai offers you a luxury and lots of entertaining options which is perfect to live around. Not only inside the nalls but moving around, sightseeing, enjoying the beach, share a safari adventure in the desert…

4) What one thing would you like to do in Dubai that you haven’t done before?

From my restaurant, always I watch all those brave people who dare to sky dive. If there is something that really intrigues me to do so is this, but first I need to fight with my fear (heights) and to find the courage to be brave. Maybe one day….

5) What career journey did you take before joining your restaurant?

I come from a different background. Retail… Although my passion always was to taste, to explore and to invent flavours. I followed my dream and I managed for some time in my life to do both but still something was missing; my total concentration on my passion. So, I took the decision to deal only with cooking. Before Eat Greek, I used to work in a traditionally Greek restaurant in Greece, afterwards in some hotels and small mansions, now…here I am!

6) Why should Time Out readers try your restaurant?

From the relaxing and warm environment, to the friendly team which always welcomes you with a smile, ready to drive you through the Greek flavours. Taste each and every dish with pleasure while having great time, listen to Greek music. What I already described, is a Greek house…the Greek hospitality. Overall, it’s a Greek experience.

7) What’s the best thing about dining at your restaurant in 2015?

If it is something that is missing from 2015, is homemade food. Like the one that still it is stuck in our minds from our childhood. Food should not be complicated. Simplicity keeps the authenticity and the flavour. In Eat Greek we are working on this really hard.

8) What’s your dish recommendation at your restaurant?

In Greece summer matches perfectly with seafood. This is the way that we grew up, so I will go ahead by recommending our seafood dishes - mussels, prawns, sea bream, calamari - which are quite enough from our new menu but Lobster Spaghetti is a must to try.

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