Cacao Sampaka

Do you ever get bored of chocolate, even if you work with it? We ask Clara Coma to tell all…


Wow, look at all this chocolate. You must get sick of it.
No, I never get tired of it, really. I love chocolate, and the way it smells.

So how involved is Cacao Sampaka in the chocolate making process?
We do everything, from picking the original cocoa beans to the manufacturing and packaging.

How does this store differ from the original, in Barcelona?
It doesn’t really. The store is very Spanish. All the creations come from Spain, and there’s a little café where you can have a nice chocolate tablet on bread, which is very Spanish.

What’s your favourite chocolate from the shop?
I love the tomato chocolate jam. It’s really good on toast with olive oil, and it also goes really well with blue cheese and walnuts.

That sounds funky
One of our collections is the gastronomic innovation collection, where we add ingredients like anchovies, curry, parmesan cheese and black olives too. We play with these flavours. One of our best sellers is Modena [high-end balsamic] vinegar.

What’s this? The single bean origin collection?
That’s a collection of eight chocolates. Each chocolate is made with a cocoa from a different region, and has different properties, which you can taste it. Some are fruity, or sweet and sour, and in some you can find hints of mint.

So chocolate is kind of like wine then?

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