The wit and wisdom of Gordon Ramsay

Five highlights from our world exclusive interview with the Bread Street Kitchen chef

Albert Roux
“Yesterday I had Albert Roux in for lunch at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London. I walked into the restaurant, and Albert said to me, ‘Where’s your tie?’ And he was correct, I shouldn’t be in my restaurant without a tie on. It just made me think that even now, at 48, Albert Roux still puts me in my place.”

Dinner parties
“I need to intervene at dinner parties where that conversation goes: ‘Hey Bill, this lasagne is amazing, you need to open your own restaurant.’ They fail to realise that cooking one successful dinner party is completely different to running a business, where you have to make money to stay alive.”

“You know what I really hate cooking now? I am not a big fan of ladies’ fingers. Not your fingers, but the slimy vegetable. It looks like something out of Harry Potter. Slice through it, and it oozes with slime. It is just not nice. Seriously, serve me okra, and I’ll be out the door quicker than Usain Bolt.”

Opening restaurants
“Any idiot can go and buy a restaurant. It’s not like a doctor’s surgery where you have to study medicine for ten years. Anybody can buy one. And that is the problem in our industry. There needs to be a certain qualification that you need. I think the quicker we amend that, the better.”

“I’m a chef, I have a wide palate and a passion for food in all of its many varied and wonderful forms. Really I do. But I tell you this, if I walk into anyone’s house and I smell tripe… I’m telling you, you can boil that thing for four hours, five hours and it is still not going to taste nice. It’s just not going to happen.”

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