Celebrating Gordon Ramsay: Kitchen Nightmares best bits

As part of our world exclusive with Gordon Ramsay, we celebrate his famous TV show


The one with Crazy Amy
Ramsay faces off against husband-and-wife restaurant owners who pocket their staff’s tips, won’t hear a word of criticism and even kick complaining customers out, in one of the feistiest episodes to air in the States. It’s not long before he realises Amy’s Baking Company is beyond help.

The one with the pizza ‘concept’
A Los Angeles pizzeria owner has big ambitions to see his pizzas boxed and sold in supermarkets across the US, but his ‘unique’ (as in, uniquely confusing) menu, features a bewildering way of choosing and ordering. But the eponymous Sebastian’s relies on microwaves, frozen dough and canned sauces, and the man in charge proves to be one of the show’s most delusional stars.

The one with the kitchen hoarder
Back in Britain, Ramsay visits The Fenwick Arms, where wasted potential comes to retire. At a stuffy, ponced-up country pub, the forthright chef is blown away by the owner’s crockery-collecting obsession and the extraordinary number of unnecessary kitchen appliances crowding every spare inch of space – and not just in the kitchen.

The one with the dead mouse
Not only does Ramsay step over an expired rodent on his way into New Jersey soul food restaurant Blackberry’s, he’s then accused of planting it by the blinkered owner’s boyfriend, who she also employs.

The one with the seafood-averse manager
Not everyone enjoys fish, but how many then choose to open a seafood restaurant? Ramsay faces his most baffling opponents in the form of the actor-turned-restaurateur, owner of Ruby Tates Oyster Bar & Seafood, in this episode from the UK series.

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