Things to do for World Vegetarian Day

Where to eat out, recipes to try and more for World Vegetarian Day 2015 in Dubai

Best sandwiches, Weirdest restaurant experiences, Food photos

Dine at a vegetarian restaurant

Whether you’re a carnivore fan or not, you’re guaranteed to enjoy dishes at these meat-free establishments:

Sukh Sagar

Sai Dham


77 Veggie Boutique


Try some vegetarian recipes

There are some super chefs in Dubai, all with their own specialties. We’ve gathered some recipes for dishes worth making at home and the brains behind them are all from food experts. Pictured: Shakshuka from Pantry Cafe.

Buy a vegetarian cookbook

If our suggestions are not enough you could go one step further and purchase and entire book dedicated to vegetarianism. Greg Malouf will show you how it’s done.

Get to know a vegetarian blogger

Sometimes we need a foodie friend to encourage us to broaden our food horizons. Thank goodness for Sumati Menda, founder of a new website for vegetarians.

“I grew up in a vegetarian family and we always struggled to find delicious meat-free food outside vegetarian restaurants,” she said. “In recent years, I noticed a surge in the number of vegetarian dining options and I wanted to create a platform where all of these were listed on one dedicated website. And so was born.”

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