Things we learned about Diner en Blanc Dubai 2015

Time Out Dubai spoke to an anonymous Diner en Blanc Dubai organiser to find out what it’s like to be part of the prestigious secret party

Diner en Blanc Dubai 2015 saw 1,000 people show up dressed in white, in a stunning event at La Cantine du Faubourg in Jumeirah Emirates Towers. Only its second year in the city, Time Out Dubai spoke to an anonymous organizer to find out what it’s like to be part of the prestigious secret party, what goes into organizing it and how you can be invited next year.


So what was the second year of DEB like?

It went very well. We had very few glitches. Everyone had a really good time. It went better than last year because it was more entertaining, we had music all along which wasn’t the case last year. The crowd was great.

Do you have many guests return?
Out of the people who didn’t leave the country, 80 per cent returned. The people we invited again returned.

Did La Cantine du Faubourg’s terrace pick you or did you choose them?
Finding a venue for this event is quite an ordeal. It’s not done for profit so you have to see a venue and sell them the concept. We say “we’ll bring very nice people to your place, we’ll bring you some attention but we aren’t paying for it”. We don’t rent the place and it’s not for profit. We don’t have a sponsor so the venue has to want it to happen on their premises.

Last year it happened on the beach at Sofitel The Palm. Did this choice of venue go down well with those returning?
There was a lot of speculation. Some people thought it was going to be on an island, others though Meydan, some people thought it would be again on The Palm. That’s the whole appeal of it, no one knows where it is, we keep the secret tight. Only 12 people knew.

How do you choose who to invite?
We like to have fun, chic and good people, we try to avoid vulgarity, there’s no discrimination. Financially, racially, whether young or old… it’s very open, they just need to be fun. Word of mouth is how we gather people. The way they run it in London is they open an online register, the way they operate here is by invite.

The French sure know how to party. At one point they were on top of the tables…
I wasn’t surprised people were dancing on tables, given the occasion we will. We try to be selective in terms of our gatherers so we know the people they bring will be like them. That’s why the invitations we send seem quite strict and boring but at the end it’s all for the good of a great party.

How does Dubai compare to the event around the world?
The biggest event bar far in terms of number of people is Paris, It’s usually between 10,000 and 15,000. There’s Canada and New York which have around 5,000 people. We don’t want to grow too quickly, we still want to keep it tight.
Did anyone get in trouble?
We do need to do a bit of a finger slapping but it went well when you consider we had 1,000 dancing on tables. We couldn’t push the music as hard and we wanted because of hotel guests, so next year hopefully we can’t have a place to go bazonkas.

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