Strawberry and rhubarb cappuccino

Test yourself with Cafテゥ Chic Le Meridien窶冱 top chef窶冱 Strawberry and rhubarb cappuccino, Gテェnes biscuit with almond and yoghurt cream recipe

Poached Rhubarb

0.5k pieces of rhubarb
125ml water
112g sugar
375ml grenada syrup

窶「 Clean and peel and rhubarb and finely chop.

窶「 Bring to boil the water and add the sugar until syrup texture.

窶「 Add the grenada syrup and the rhubarb and slowly cook for ツス hour.

窶「 Strain and reserve the pulp.

Strawberry Brunoise ( Small Cubes )

250g strawberry
10g honey
Q.S shaved ginger

窶「 Cut into small cubes the strawberries.

窶「 Add the shaved ginger with the honey.

窶「 Mix all together.

窶「 Keep on the side.

Yogurt Cream

2pcs yogurt
50g sugar
1g vanilla seeds
100g cream
2pcs gelatine

窶「 Remove the seeds from the vanilla stick.

窶「 Mix the yogurt with the sugar and the vanilla seeds.

窶「 Add the gelatine leaves and the cream.

窶「 Blend the preparation.

Rhubarb/ Grenade Granite

250ml poaching syrup
1 leaf gelatine
05ml lemon juice

窶「 Do the syrup (Same as above).

窶「 Add the gelatine leaves and the lemon juice.

窶「 Mix all together.

窶「 Keep in the freezer for minimum 2 hours.
Recipe courtesy of Cafe Chic, Le Meridien Dubai & Chef Sylvain Gohier

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