Maccheroncini con pomodorini, gorgonzola e asparagi

Test yourself with Certo of Radisson SAS Hotel窶冱 top chef窶冱 Maccheroncini con pomodorini, gorgonzola e asparagi recipe

Maccheroncini con pomodorini, gorgonzola e asparagi

Serves one portion
100g fresh maccheroncini
20g onion
50g red tomato cherry
10g garlic, chopped
40gr gorgonzola cheese, crumbled
10g grated parmesan cheese
30g green asparagus, sliced
2cl olive oil
Salt to taste
1dl vegetable stock

窶「 Heat the pan then pour in olive oil.

窶「 Cook the onion and garlic in it then add in cherry tomato and vegetable stock.

窶「 Reduce and add in sliced asparagus then continue cooking till all the asparagus cooked properly.

窶「 Then add in gorgonzola cheese.

窶「 In the mean time cook pasta in salted boiling water, note that fresh pasta cooked in 3-4 minutes only.

窶「 Take the pasta out from the boiling water and add in to the sauce mixture.

窶「 Tossed with parmesan cheese and a dot of butter.

窶「 Adjust seasoning, serve hot.
Recipe courtesy of Certo, Radisson SAS & Chef Simon P Alloponio

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