Sweet and sour chicken with fried rice

Test yourself with The China Club of Radisson SAS Hotel’s top chef’s Sweet and sour chicken with fried rice recipe

Sweet and sour chicken with fried rice

200g chicken leg boneless diced
75g potato & wheat powder each
3pcs egg
50g pineapple sliced
20g each pepper red, yellow, green triangle shaped
150g home-made Chinese sweet & sour sauce
30g starch slurry

Marinating Seasonings
15g garlic minced
3g white pepper powder
10g sesame oil
5g cooking sauce
3g salt
5g chicken powder
2g baking powder

• Marinate the chicken with marinating seasoning.

• Keep in chiller for 12 hours.

• Then mix the egg, potato starch and marinated chicken.

• Coat it with dry flour and mould into round shape.

• Keep in chiller for 40 minutes then deep-fry till the chicken balls are hard and dry.

• Heat the Chinese sweet & sour sauce with pepper and pineapple.

• Put slowly to make the sauce sticky and thick. Serve the food immediately.
Recipe courtesy of The China Club, Radisson SAS Hotel & Chef Shiyang Xu “Sunny”

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