Surf & Turf

Test yourself with Legends of Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club’s top chef’s Surf and Turf recipe

Surf & Turf

Serves one
90g kangaroo medallion
1 Gulf prawns
200g carrots
1 orange
30g roquette leaves
100g parmesan cheese finely grated
10 floz truffle vinaigrette
Salt & pepper to taste

• Take the kangaroo medallion; cut ¾ of the way through, bat it out. Take the gulf prawn and sear in a hot pan.

• Remove from the pan and place into a pre-heated oven, (180c) and continue to cook for 8 –10 minutes.

• Place the chopped carrots into hot boiling water and cook till soft. Remove and drain the excess water off. Return to the pan and add the juice of 1 orange and the rind. Season with salt & pepper; add a knob of butter and mash till smooth.

• Take the finely grated parmesan, place in a line on some greaseproof paper. Place in the microwave and cook till it has melted. Once melted, remove from the microwave and take off the greaseproof paper. Take a cup and place around the cup and leave to set. You have to work quite quickly as this will start to set.

• In a separate bowl add the roquette leaves. Dress the leaves with a little truffle vinaigrette.

• Take a spoon and make 1 quenelle of the carrot mash. Take the dressed roquette leaves and place next to the mash. Place the kangaroo and gulf prawn on top of the dressed leaves. Garnish with a parmesan ring.
Recipe courtesy of Legends, Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club & Chef Max Grenard

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