Halibut with Mussel and Squid Minestrone

Test yourself with Pisces of Madinat Jumeirah窶冱 top chef窶冱 Halibut with Mussel and Squid Minestrone recipe

Halibut with Mussel and Squid Minestrone

8x 80g halibut fillet
600ml court bouillon (see basics)

窶「 Poach the halibut at 60 degrees in court until required tender.

窶「 Remove and serve immediately.

Mussels and squid minestrone
2pcs squid strips
16pcs black Mussels
1tbsp olive oil
100g mirepoix
30ml white wine
20ml pernod
70g tomatoes, cut into quaters
200ml mussel or fish stock
1 pinch saffron (depending on strength)
50ml cream
15g chopped parsley
70g fava beans, cooked and peeled
50g tomato concassee


窶「 Heat pot and add olive oil when smoking add mussels.

窶「 Cover with a lid shake occasionally until mussels open.

窶「 Remove mussels and keep aside.

窶「 Add mirepoix and tomatoes into pot and sautテゥ.

窶「 Deglaze with white wine and pernod reduce to syrup.

窶「 Add stock, saffron and bring to boil.

窶「 Simmer until ingredients are cooked.

窶「 Finish with cream, blend and strain.

窶「 Add squid and poach in liquid.

窶「 Finish with beans, tomato concasse and parsley.

窶「 Add mussels and adjust seasonings.
Recipe courtesy of Pisces, Madinat Jumeirah & Chef Willibald Reinbacher

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