Confit Grey Snapper Seafood Dumplings and King Crab Risotto

Test yourself with Pisces of Madinat Jumeirah窶冱 top chef窶冱 Confit Grey Snapper Seafood Dumplings and King Crab Risotto recipe

Confit Grey Snapper Seafood Dumplings and King Crab Risotto

Confit grey snapper
4 fillets of grey snapper skin on
700ml lemon infused olive oil

窶「 Confit the fish fillets at 60 degrees in lemon infused olive oil to your preference of doneness.

窶「 Remove fillets from oil, drain then remove skin before serving.

King crub dumpling
70g crab meat cooked and shredded
70ml crab stock
10g diced roasted peppers
1g chopped coriander
8 sheets yellow wonton skin

窶「 Heat crab stock with crab meat and reduce until paste texture.

窶「 Add diced peppers, coriander, season to taste cool till required.

窶「 Spoon crab mixture onto the wonton skin.

窶「 Brush the edges with egg yolk and fold into triangles.

窶「 Cook the dumplings in steamer.

King crab risotto
100g risotto rice
10g chopped shallots
1tsp olive oil
50ml white wine
200ml crab stock
50g crab meat, cooked
50g tomato concasse
50g parmesan grated

窶「 Sweat of shallots in olive oil.

窶「 Add risotto rice and sautテゥ.

窶「 Add white wine and reduce.

窶「 Add crab stock in batches, stirring continuous until risotto rice is cooked.

窶「 Finally add tomato concasse, Parmesan, crab meat and chopped basil.

窶「 Season to taste.

Saffron foam
10g shallots, chopped
10g olive oil
30ml fish or crab stock (basics)
20ml white wine
30ml skimmed milk
30ml cream
1 pinch saffron

窶「 Sweat off shallots in olive oil.

窶「 Deglaze with white wine.

窶「 Add fish stock and reduce until syrup.

窶「 Add saffron, cream and skimmed milk and bring to a simmer to infuse saffron.

窶「 Create the foam with kitchen blender.

窶「 Garnish with semi dried tomatoes (basics).
Recipe courtesy of Pisces, Madinat Jumeirah & Chef Willibald Reinbacher

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