Heinz Beck interview - quickfire questions

Time Out has a Heinz Beck interview - quickfire questions. Here from the celebrity chef in Dubai on his influences and more

1 What is the inspiration behind Taste of Italy?
What we are are doing is really authentic Italian food so if you eat a lasagne here, it’s just like you would eat in the best places in Italy.

2 Where did get your passion for Italian food?
It was destiny. I wanted to stop cooking and take over the family business, then came an offer from Rome. I said, “I’ll go, and in two years I’ll take over the business.” It’s been 22 years.

3 What did you know about the food before moving?
Everybody knows Italian cuisine, but the German interpretation of it is completely different. I’d never even been to Italy before. I didn’t know the culture or the language.

4 How much of an influence has Heinz Winkler been on you?
He was vital to me. When a lot of chefs become a bit more famous they are always “me, me, me, me, me”. But I’m always about the “we”. Alone I can do nothing.

5 What makes a successful restaurant?
For me, the guests have to be the centre of everything. You have to look in the eyes of the customers and then you’ll know if they are happy or not.

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