Urban Picnic brunch review

Latest Urban Picnic brunch review, the 3in1 brunch, a new brunch in Dubai for 2016. Includes details, start time, hours and restaurant information



It’s best to think of this brunch from 3in1 as a reimagined picnic. There are no patches of grass upon which to roll out a blanket, instead you’ve got cabanas by the pool, tables on the terrace and a bright and airy dining room.

You’ll find a few picnic baskets dotted around, but these are more for show. Instead, you can help yourself to an array of excellent food and drink from the buffet. Rustic breads, flaky pastries, colourful salads and fresh-from-the-oven pizzas jostle for your attention to kick start this brunch. For mains, you’re presented with a selection of seafood, meat cuts and curries, which is all of excellent quality. And then it’s back to the buffet for some decadent desserts, including cake by the slice, panna cottas and ice cream.

As you can tell, this is a brunch for the seriously hungry. But you’ll be pleased to hear that it isn’t a case of quantity over quality: everything is excellent, especially the main courses. The presentation is impressive, too, with mason jars, wicker baskets and glass bottles used inventively at the buffet.

If you opt for the selected beverages package, you can help yourself to bottles of grape and cans of hops, while the soft drinks include delicious smoothies in quaint bottles. The crowd is chilled out, with the DJ playing laid-back tunes at a low volume. And the staff continue this vibe, melting into the background except when needed. It’s not particularly cheap, but you certainly get your money’s worth here.

Dhs295 (soft drinks), Dhs345 (selected beverages), Dhs495 (bubbly), Dhs100 (additional per guest for Cabana). Fri-Sat 1pm-5pm. Vida Downtown Dubai, Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard (04 888 344404 888 3444).

Most impressive dish
The rich and indulgent beef ribs.

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