Understanding the different types of coffee

Time Out is here to help you get understanding the different types of coffee, including what terms like Syphon, Crema, Frappe and more mean

If you don’t fully understand all this talk of single-origin beans, local roasteries and syphon filters, it could be enough to give you a headache (if all that caffeine hasn’t got you there already). So here are ten terms you can use to bluff your way through any conversation with a barista.

Barista Vladimir Nabusevschi from Appetite The Shop, says: “This is sourced form a single producer, crop region and country and therefore gives it a flavour characteristic of the area of production. When you see a coffee on a menu referred to by the name of a place, it will be single origin. At Appetite, we use a Colombian bean from The Valley of Laboyos. It is grown about 1,300 metres above sea level and has a sweet, caramel flavour, with high citric acidity.”

Blended coffee
A combination of varieties grown from a number of regions, countries or continents. They can be blended before or after roasting. If they’re blended after roasting, baristas can come up with interesting flavour combinations.

Filter coffee
Ground coffee lies in a filter basket and hot water flows through it and out of the other side into a jug.

French press
Boiled water is poured over ground coffee in a glass jug and a lid with plunger placed on top. After waiting a while, the plunger is pressed. The action is more enjoyable than the drink.

It’s complicated. There are chambers and tubes and science is involved. A way to get the most flavour out of the coffee, but probably best left to the pros.

Pour over
A little like the filter coffee, but a barista will do it all manually.

The brewing process itself. The flavour comes out of the ground coffee and into the water.

The creamy, foamy bit on the top of an espresso, though it’s neither cream nor foam.

This is a glass coffee maker that uses the pour over method.

The drinks
Ever wondered how a frappe differs from a latte? Wonder no more…

29ml of pure coffee made from 8g of evenly ground beans.

Espresso topped up with hot water until there’s a mugful.

Espresso, but made with half the amount of water. Hardcore.

Espresso with an equal amount of foam or milk.

Made up of three equal parts – espresso, milk and foam. Often topped with chocolate, but it shouldn’t be.

Flat White
Similar to the above, but smaller. The original hipster coffee.

Espresso and a lot of milk. Topped with foam. A skinny latte is made with low-fat milk.

Blended, iced coffee.

Iced Coffee
Coffee. On ice. That’s it.

Espresso, steamed milk, chocolate and whipped cream. Decadent.

Latte Macchiato
Latte, but the espresso goes in last.

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