Dusty’s brunch review at Al Fattan Currency House DIFC

Latest Dusty’s Brunch at Al Fattan Currency House review. Discover Bar Food menu and brunches in Dubai, located Al Fattan Currency House, DIFC


The "Departures" brunch at Dusty's is marginally more themed than we expect it to be.

At the entrance is an imitation security scanner, staff are dressed as pilots and cabin crew, and ’80s disaster comedy film Airplane! is projected onto the wall. But that’s about as far as the airline theme goes (and thankfully, it doesn’t extend to the food).

The à la carte brunch menu is made up mainly of dishes and bites from the usual bar menu and you can order unlimited amounts of anything.

The value for money is impressive, with mains such as the steak usually costing Dhs180 and starters like the creamy, moreish burrata ringing in at up to Dhs90.

The in-flight meals at Dusty’s include a buttery, caramelised miso black cod with spicy green chilli and mango salsa, and appetisers such as mini lobster tacos with avocado and coriander – which are a particular standout.

The selection is fairly Asian-leaning, but this is still an international brunch, featuring tacos, sliders, pasta, roasted baby chicken and more.

The portions are petite, but we have no complaints about that – you can order as many as you like, after all. We’re also pleasantly surprised by the quality.

The vibe is quite laidback and there are plenty of couples dining in among the big groups, but things get livelier throughout the afternoon.

You can play games with the staff to win free drinks, money off brunch and two-for-one vouchers – a fun touch, but more of a gimmick when you realise that most of the games are virtually unwinnable and free beverages are included in your package, anyway.

The music is excellent – a very well-mixed selection of chart-toppers, remixes and nostalgic tracks – so by the time dessert is served, people are up dancing and posing for the roaming photographer.

By 4pm the bar is in full swing, so while the brunch may have come to an end, the party is really only just beginning.

The Bottom Line
This brunch is less about the theme, and more about good value and a great atmosphere.

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