Dubai restaurant adds 'Tipping Guide' to receipt - do you agree?

Time Out wants to know your thoughts as a Dubai restaurant adds 'Tipping Guide' to receipt - do you agree? How much do you tip your waiter?

Tipping, everyone has got an opinion on it. And getting the tone of it right is always a delicate thing to tackle; too much and you're a show-off, not enough and you're a cheapskate, just right and you don't really don't mean.

But now a Dubai restaurant has offered a helping hand to diners by including a Tip Guide 'provided for your convenience'.

So do you agree?

According to the unnamed outlet, 'Great Service' deserves 12 percent, while 'Phenomenal Service' should be closer to 20 percent. Anything in between - labelled on the receipt shared by Dubai92 on Facebook - should result in 15 percent.

Among the comments on the original post, our favourite was from Mark Ryan, who wrote: "Bad strategy. It's rare to receive great service, therefore, as it didn't mention anything for just 'good service' you will assume they don't expect a tip. So you won't give one."

Another comment, from Paul French, read: "[I add] 10% and only if the service is good, which it generally is. Waiting staff generally live day to day off their tips in Europe and I guess it maybe the same in the UAE."

Of course, some outlets add service automatically, another issue that fiercely divides diners.

So where do you stand? Leave your comments below or on the Facebook post and we will include the best ones in print.

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