Atelier M brunch review at Pier 7

Latest Atelier M Brunch at Pier 7 review. Discover A la carte and party vibe brunches in Dubai, located at Pier 7, Dubai Marina

If you’re after great food or an elaborate buffet then we’re afraid you might well be somewhat disappointed by Atelier M’s late night Friday brunch offering: fine dining this is not.

However, for a fun night out in a decent venue then you’ll be in for a good time.

The Atelier M lounge, where the late brunch is hosted (late not being too late at 8pm), is all plush maroon velvet chairs, pool tables and a massive, elaborate, mirrored bar. It has a cool vibe, and being set on the top floor of Pier 7, has excellent views over the twinkling lights of the Marina.

Alarm bells ring on booking when we are given a “heads up” on the “brunch”. Although, even with relatively low expectations we are surprised by the standard of the food and the limited selection of drinks on offer.

The menu, a photocopied scrap of paper, lists the (mostly deep fried) culinary delights ahead. It’s basically a finger food-style offering, think office Christmas party platter and you’ll get the general idea: samosas, arancini, mini sliders and chicken wings.

A bowl of “truffle fries” is less French fry, more chunky chip, which isn’t unpleasant but comes with an off-putting drizzle of thick truffled mayonnaise.

A live saxophonist and DJ playing a random, but upbeat and fun, cheesy tune collection from the 80s, 90s and beyond (Spice Girls, Britney, Whitney, Mariah Carey et al), accompanies an equally cheesy (and rather greasy) pizza.

Thankfully the meal is saved by a rich and gooey chocolate fondant, which is by far the highlight of the brunch.

We’re left with the impression that the target audience is the post-brunch crowd, who are in need of a pitstop and after-party.

There are better places to eat, but it's an entertaining night out nonetheless, as long as you don’t make it the focal meal of your weekend.
Dhs150 (soft drinks), Dhs350 (house beverages). A la carte. Fri 8pm-11pm. Pier 7, Dubai Marina (04 450 7766).

The Bottom Line
Visit for the party vibe and cheesy tunes, not the food.

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