This man makes chocolate in Dubai

Time Out keeps an eye on the coolest jobs in Dubai, and here we celebrate one of the more unique; yes, this man makes chocolate in Dubai

Florence Cortes
Nicknamed Florence and The Beans, the choc master at Mirzam Chocolate talks being creative with cocoa

Do you remember when you first fell in love with chocolate?
Every child loves chocolate, but I was about seven when I started taking more of an interest. I’ve always loved cooking, and after working in a restaurant while in junior high, the chocolate-making businesses gave me the chance to study and land my dream job.

What makes Mirzam’s chocolate special?
The fact that our process starts right from the cocoa bean. In the Middle East, there’s very little good-quality chocolate without the additives or fats to mask low-quality cocoa beans. Customers really appreciate the simplicity of our ingredients, and being able to experience real chocolate.

Which creation are you most proud of?
Our date and fennel bar – it was so difficult to find a way to make it work, but I’m a perfectionist and got there in the end!

What’s the oddest ingredient you use?

Our winter collection is inspired by the Moroccan spice trade and we’ve created our first white chocolate bar that has been infused with saffron. It’s delicious!

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