Where to get truffle in Dubai

Time Out tells you where to get truffle in Dubai, including popular dishes at some of the best restaurants in town, and even some more affordable ones

Where to get truffle in Dubai, Where to go at sundown in Dubai

There aren't many cities in the world where you can compile a list like this and still have some left over.

These unattractive fungi are often referred to as "the diamond of the kitchen". They are rare (as they can only be harvested in winter, grow underground and animals are used to sniff them out) pricey and very, very precious – especially the white alba variety.

Massimo Vidoni of Italtouch, known affectionately as The Truffle Man, says: "Truffles are like a gift from Mother Earth. They cannot be harvested and if you miss them, they’re gone.

"Whenever I talk about them my eyes light up. In five years so much has changed. At first, the only restaurants that wanted truffle were Italian, now you have so many using the ingredient in new and exciting ways. Chefs at Zuma, Coya and PLAY, to name just three, are taking dishes to new places with truffles. It’s an amazing time."

So, where will you get yours?

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