Cuts and Kilts at Scots American Grill

Latest review of Cuts and Kilts brunch at Scots American Grill. Discover the old-school brunch at the Al Jaddaf Marriott hotel in Dubai

DETAILS: Dhs225 (food), Dhs75 (soft drinks), Dhs100 (three glasses of grape), Dhs150 (house beverages or a flight of Scottish short beverages). Fri 6pm onwards (three-hour package).

When is a brunch not a brunch? When it takes place in the evening, perhaps. But here we are, at a steakhouse in the sticks-out-like-a-sore-thumb Marriott Hotel Al Jaddaf, a hotel that almost everyone in Dubai will have seen, but chances are haven’t ventured into.

For those who are curious about it, Scots American Grill’s Friday evening deal is as good a place to start as any. Book a table at the restaurant (which fuses cuisines from the US and Scotland) anytime from 6pm for a three-course meal and three-hour drinks package. And the most you’ll pay per person is Dhs375. Pretty good value when the main course choices include a fillet steak.

On the face of it we have a fairly simple choice. All we need to do is choose a starter, main and dessert from a list of around five dishes in each course and decide which drinks package we’d like with them.

One of us has an excellent Worcestershire sauce-spiced beef tartare with caper berries and thin slices of toast followed by a perfectly cooked 200g USDA prime tenderloin (with superb triple-cooked chips, tomatoes and mushrooms) and a massive slab of Key lime pie.

On the other side of the table we enjoy six plump Scottish Rock oysters (fresh and bursting with flavours of the sea), haggis neeps and tatties (authentic and filling) and a flourless chocolate cake (accompanied by an excellent peanut butter ice cream).

What we order is all excellently cooked and enjoyable, though none of it is terribly exciting, either in its presentation or flavours.
It doesn’t matter to us, though, and we doubt it will to you, either, unless you’ve mistakenly wandered in here instead of China Grill. This is a straight-up steakhouse, quite old-fashioned in its approach and décor, and we’re here for an old-school steak meal.

What does perk proceedings up, however, is the service –which comes with a few surprises. During our visit the dining room isn’t very full and the staff seem genuinely excited to have people in for the brunch. They are friendly, quick to help out with the menu and on the ball when it comes to topping up our glasses.

They also keep popping up with extra courses, or, “surprises from the chef”. We presume it’s a way to try and add value to the meal, but we feel bad that we can’t really do justice to a portion of chicken wings and pulled lamb sliders that appear along with our mains, or the chocolates that come after dessert. In fact we’re fit to burst by the time our three hours are up.

When is a brunch not a brunch? When it’s Cuts and Kilts. An experience that has charmed the sporran off us.

The Bottom Line

This brunch offers a great-value old-school night out.

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