Sultan Baba Iskender review

This Turkish spot is as authentic as it gets


We must have driven past this Turkish restaurant dozens of times on our way to the beach, and were curious to see if it’s really as authentic on the inside as it looks on the outside. We’re not disappointed – it could have been plucked straight from the promenade in any seaside town on the Aegean coast (the non-touristy areas) and popped right here on Jumeirah Beach Road.

Before we even sit down, we know it’s going to be good, as the staff are some of the friendliest we’ve come across, and their smiles are as warm as their welcome.

The kids head for the little playground that’s tucked away on the outdoor terrace and we scour the extensive menu. Hot, freshly baked Lavash bread is whisked to our table within minutes along with some delicious dips and we opt for a selection of dishes to share, recommended by our waiter.

The pide (a bit like a Turkish version of a pizza) is slathered in tasty minced lamb and their famed Iskender kebab (thinly shaved meat) is succulent and full of flavour. Meanwhile, the cantik – a spice-topped pita bread – goes beautifully with the chargrilled lamb meatballs and we pretty much lick the dipping bowls clean. There’s absolutely no room for dessert (which is a shame given the reputation of Turkish ice cream), but now we know better for next time.

The bottom line
This place has atmosphere and tasty, traditional Turkish cuisine.

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This Turkish spot is as authentic as it gets


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