11 epic egg eats you need to try

There’s never a bad time for eggs. Here are the best dishes to try this week

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Betty’s Hummus Bowl at Common Grounds

Don’t ask us who Betty is, we haven’t a clue. But if the answer to “how do you like your eggs in the morning?” is “poached on top of smoky beetroot hummus with garden peas, beef bacon, crushed pistachios and fried brioche, and don’t forget the truffle oil”, look no further than this Mall of the Emirates haunt.
Dhs54. Mall of the Emirates (050 478 1094).

Brothaus Benedict at Brothaus Bakery Bistro

Fans of the old-school American combination of steak and eggs should poke their appetites into the Steigenberger Hotel Business Bay, for this dish could easily be considered a riff on two breakfast classics. Two poached eggs sit on a cushion of toasted onion bread topped with braised beef, all drizzled with a sweet mustard hollandaise. You may only just have got out of bed, but we reckon you might need another lie down after this.
Dhs55. Steigenberger Hotel Business Bay (04 369 0000).

Chicken or the Egg at 3in1

Forget which came first. Have them both together thanks to this intriguingly named dish, which manages to be playful and fun with just three star ingredients. A soft-poached egg is partnered with chicken terrine, sautéed sweetcorn, sweetcorn purée, sweetcorn powder, chicken skin powder
(yes, really) and salted popcorn.
Dhs45. Vida Downtown, Downtown Dubai (04 428 6888).

Chilaquiles at Loca and Loca 2.0

Brunch, that meeting of two great mealtimes, means exactly that at Loca, aided by the presence of this dish on the menu. Tuck into chilaquiles – an authentic Mexican medley of fresh corn tortillas cooked in habanero and tomatillo salsa, served with fresca cheese and black bean purée, all topped with a perfect fried egg. Arriba!
Brunch Dhs270 per person. Fri noon-5pm. Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa, Jumeirah 1 (04 346 1111); Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Dubai (04 449 4455).

Egg arlington at Flow
A new hub devoted to healthy living, it’s only fitting the menu at Flow should match its ethos. Enter the egg Arlington, starring a poached egg on wholewheat muffin, with layers of smoked salmon and avocado, a sprinkling of paprika and a generous drizzling of a fresh and light yoghurt hollandaise. We’re also intrigued by the sound of the egg babaganoush, which comes with squash rosti, kale and sumac yoghurt hollandaise. Prices are keen, too.
Dhs35. Boulevard, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road (055 293 4430).

Egg quinoa tabbouleh at Under 500

Infinitely less indulgent than some on this list, the egg tabbouleh sticks to Under 500’s promise, containing around 450 calories. Packed with protein and veg, it’s perfect for gym bunnies fresh from a workout, featuring three whole hard-boiled eggs grated over a zesty tabbouleh mixture of organic quinoa, parsley, tomatoes, cucumber, mushroom, peppers, olives, chia seeds and low-fat feta.
Dhs34. Lake Shore Tower, Cluster Y, JLT (04 449 8556); Damac Executive Bay, Business Bay (04 558 8275).

Falafel Scotch egg at The Sum of Us

Ask around for a breakfast suggestion in Dubai, and it’s hard to move for the onslaught of recommendations for “the BEST shakshouka”, but for a more unusual bite fusing Western breakfasting with Middle Eastern flavours, head to Tom and Serg’s trendy Trade Centre eatery. Homemade pistachio falafel carefully encases a soft-boiled egg, all accompanied by sautéed spinach, red pepper relish and minty grilled halloumi. Yalla, what are you waiting for?
Dhs65. Burj Al Salam Tower, near Dubai World Trade Centre (056 445 7526).

Kwek-Kwek at Little Manila

Like to keep it simple? Get your teeth into these little golden orbs from Deira’s Filipino stalwart. Little Manila’s kwek-kwek is all about the egg, the whole egg, and nothing but the egg. Hard-boiled quail’s eggs are coated in a carefully seasoned batter before being deep-fried until dark gold and crispy. Sprinkle over a little salt and tuck in – or give them a good, proper dunk in one of the three sauces served on the side – we like the sweet chilli.
Dhs10 for three. K6 Building, Al Muraqqabat Street, Deira  (04 299 9315).

Lobster Benedict at At.mosphere

If it’s going to be served on the 122nd floor of the world’s tallest building, it’s go haute cuisine or go home. Naturally, At.mosphere rises (sorry) to the challenge. This is no ordinary Benny – but for Dhs165, you’d jolly well expect not. Here, slow-cooked blue lobster from Brittany is placed atop two halves of a fresh English muffin and topped with a 64-degree-poached egg before being lavishly dressed with a rich brown butter and sudachi lime hollandaise.
Dhs165. Served Fri-Sat 7am-10.30am. Level 122, Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai (04 888 3828).

Lobster Croque Madame
Put – perhaps too – simply, this is the fanciest grilled cheese sandwich you’ll ever eat, but rest assured, the food coma will be overwhelmingly worth it. Part of Catch’s weekly Saturday brunch, this gloriously rich creation stars layers of fresh lobster and Gruyère, all topped with bechamel. And a fried egg. And a sprinkling of caviar. You only live once (so maybe don’t eat like this every day).
Brunch Dhs275 (soft drinks), Dhs399 (house beverages), Dhs449 (bubbles and mixed drinks). Sat 1pm-4pm. Fairmont Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road (04 550 9257).

Mumbai omelet at Raju Omlet
As the name of this very reasonably priced Indian eatery suggests, the focus here is overwhelmingly on eggs. If you’re a fan of a classic Mumbai vada pav, Raju’s “Mumbai omelet” will see you right. A light omelette is stuffed into a traditional pav bun, layered with a spicy chutney of garlic, coconut and metabolism-boosting chilli powder.
Dhs12. Al Quoz (04 388 3355); Karama (04 388 5522).

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