Why Ikea's restaurant is about more than just meatballs

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Everywhere we look, food seems to be at the very top of the agenda – or should we say menu? What, how and where we eat is constantly the centre of attention. Food is now about wellbeing and health, as well as a personal expression. The world has become food obsessed. We’re hungry – not only for the food itself, but also for the facts and figures that come with each decision we make and serving we take.

The team at IKEA realise that people’s interest in food today is considerably higher than ever before, partly because there is such a variety of food. In addition, the ingredients and flavours available these days inspire more culinary creativity than ever before.

But many ingredients and dishes that we take for granted now were nowhere to be found in the food landscape of the 1970s and ’80s. Those days it was all about the ease and convenience of pre-fabricated food. And with the arrival of the microwave, such meals became even more popular. It was in this era that IKEA restaurants came of age. A period that also coincided with the global launch of the brand’s globally beloved meatballs in 1985. And for a long time, since then, its restaurants stayed in that decade.

Now, however, IKEA is moving to offer its customers a stronger feeling of modern Sweden, along with improving the experience within its restaurants. Of course, much remains to be done, but the brand is getting there, one dish at a time. And it’s you, their customers, who help IKEA keep its commitment to being responsible, modern, and forward-thinking. IKEA welcomes roughly 640 million visitors to its restaurants and Swedish Food Market annually, and encourages feedback from all. As we head into the future of food, IKEA’s commitment means that it also needs to really know what health and wellness means.

IKEA’s restaurants need to be able to tell people where their food comes from, how it’s sourced, and what impact it has on the planet. Every third calorie that is produced in the world goes to waste. Twenty-nine percent of Europe’s CO2 footprint comes from the food industry alone. So while IKEA will always serve its popular meatballs, it now also offer delicious veggie balls, which have a carbon footprint 30 times smaller. IKEA’s “Swedishness” is served through simple, nourishing food that is seasonally relevant and sustainable.

It is also proud to have the largest offerings of ASC- or MSC-certified seafood in the world. Andall its food products come from sustainable and responsible sources.

But through all of these changes, there’s one thing that will stay the same at IKEA – and that’s the affordable prices for you and your family. It is patrons of its restaurants who have provided the cooking lessons, and there are sure to be many more to come. In the meantime, head down now for food products with a modern taste of Sweden – honest food for people and the planet.

IKEA’s Salmon is Responsibly Sourced
Healthy and tasty fish make for healthy and happy customers. That’s why IKEA was part of a dialogue with global environmental experts to develop responsible salmon farming standards that are better for the fish and for the environment. All IKEA salmon comes from Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certified farms.

Salmon. It’s Good For You!
Salmon makes for a delicious and nutritious meal. With just two or three servings a week you’ll meet your body’s need for omega-3 fatty acids while getting a good dose of antioxidants, protein, iodine and vitamins D, A and B12.

Must-try recipe
Pulled Salmon Sandwich
Makes four to six sandwiches

400g hot smoked salmon
(LAX VARMRÖKT 400gr, IKEA product)
1 tbsp BBQ sauce
2 tbsp chopped chives
Burger buns
Pickled red cabbage
For serving:
Pickled cucumber
Leafy salad

How to do it
Pulled salmon: Peel off the skin on the hot smoked salmon and pull the salmon meat into smaller pieces into a bowl. Add the BBQ sauce and the chopped chives and mix it gently using clean hands.

Assemble the sandwich: Cut buns with a sharp knife and open up. Put a little salad on the bottom part of the bread, then the pulled salmon, red cabbage and pickled cucumber. Put the bread lid on and serve. Enjoy!

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