Try and save: European deals

Use your <em>Time Out</em> City Card and make savings at these European restaurants

If you have signed up for a Time Out City Card you should have already started to save money when dining in Dubai.

No doubt you have your own favourites and are putting the City Card to good use.

But if you are short of ideas why not try one of these deals at five selected Chinese restaurants.

Reflets Par Pierre Gagnaire: A 20 per cen discount at Time Out’s favourite restaurant in all of Dubai. What more do you need to know? Seriously, just make a call and reserve a table now.
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Rostang, The French Braeriess: The food at Rostang, a traditional French brasserie headed up by two-star Michelin chef Michel Rostang, is very good. Every mouthful tastes all the better in the knowledge that you will be saving hundreds of dirhams by using a Time Out City Card.
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Café Chic: Time Out towers is, on a cool enough day. Only a short stroll away from the faultless Café Chic. Many an afternoon you might be able to spy us, City Card in hand, sprinting down the street to make the most of the 50 per cent discount.
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Gourmandises: Alongside such titans as Reflets, Rostang and Café Chic the humble Gourmandises can seem like it is a culinary minnow. But that is one of the joys of a Time Out City Card. It can save you hundreds of dirhams on a major meal or leave you with enough cash to splash on a drink and an extra slice of cake at the city’s finer cafes.
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Bistro Domino: A trip to the shopping mall doesn’t have to mean stuffing down burgers in a food court. Most malls these days have wider dining options (with real plates and knives and forks and everything!). If you find yourself in the City Centre Mall nip outside and you’re just a minute or two away from the Bistro Domino.
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