Cereal Killer Cafe 'to open in Dubai in May'

Time Out announces Cereal Killer Cafe 'to open in Dubai in May'. According to reports, the owners have an agreement for the launch of their cafe in Dubai

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Now stick with us, but we think a food outlet serving nothing that costs more than Dhs25 could become one of the most popular and talked about Dubai openings of the year.

Ladies and gentlemen, Cereal Killer Cafe is coming to town. You would have heard about the little London spot in late 2014 when it opened to a mixture of absolute excitement and utter disbelief. But heard about it you most certainly did.

Hailed both as a genius concept and also the epitome of all that is wrong with 'hipsters', the venture, run by Belfast-born twins Alan and Gary Keery, serves, as the name suggests, cereal.

Upon launch in the trendy Brick Lane area of East London, the cafe stocked 120 types of the popular breakfast meal, as well as 30 varieties of milk and 20 toppings. Prices ranged from £2.50 (Dhs13) to £4.40 (Dhs23) for the cereal itself, while milk was free when whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed, but surcharged for premium flavours like bubblegum.

So what exactly do they stock? Well, we could lazily just say 'everything' at this point, but we'll stick with some highlight: Lucky Charms, Trix, CornPops, Reese's Puffs, Captain Crunch and Shreddies, as well as Jordan's and Dorset muesili.

For toppings, expect M&Ms, raisins, Oreos and nuts. And milks that range from the standard to rice, soya, hazlenut, chocolate and lactose-free.

Furthermore, they do 'cocktails', such as the Bran Gran Thank You Ma'am, which is Bran Flakes, granola, dried fruit, mixed seeds and soya milk.

Such was the clamour for cereal - it is estimated that more than 150,000 bowls have been served since launch - the brothers were able to open a second Cereal Killer Cafe in Camden Town within five months. And now a third is due in Dubai by May, 18 months on from the original opening.

According to British newspaper, The Independent, the cafe is primed for rapid, worldwide expansion over the coming months, with the UAE its first port of call. A licensing agreement is already in place here, while Jordan and Lebanon are expected to follow.

"We've had huge interest from across the Middle East about setting up branches out there," Alan said. "We get a lot of people coming in from the Middle East. They don’t have a big drinking culture. We hang out in bars, they hang out in cafés. They’re loving it because it’s like a dessert."

As well as the cafe, Alan and Gary have their own e-commerce website selling the cereals, merchandise such as t-shirts, retro gifts and a cookbook packed with recipes, trivia and games.

IMAGES: facebook.com/cerealkilleruk

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