Dubai menus have to be in Arabic

Time Out Dubai has news on why Dubai menus have to be in Arabic from now on, as well as restaurant bills, invoices and customer care calls

Before all you Anglophones rush to the phone to sign up for Arabic classes, that doesn’t mean English is going to be completely scrapped as a language on menus, bills and other customer services.

The decision by Dubai’s Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection body (CCCP) is aimed at ensuring that the many native Arabic-speakers in the city also feel catered for.

"According to statistics available and studies we conducted, a large segment of consumers in Dubai belong to the GCC and other Arab states,” said CCCP executive director Mohammad Ali Rashed Lootah.

“Hence, it's important to provide information and services in Arabic, particularly while receiving enquiries and complaints and in after-sales services provided through call centres."

English-speaking business owners or restaurateurs should therefore enlist the help of an Arabic-speaking friend - or perhaps even a sworn translator (to avoid any possible language gaffes) - to make sure they abide by this new ruling.

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Let’s face it, life is made easy for many of us English-speaking expats here in Dubai. Giving this ruling the thumbs up is just a small way of thanking Dubai for all the perks we enjoy.

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